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When you buy from N.E.W. Life, you get more than comfortable, handcrafted scrubs.

You get the chance to help single moms stand on their own two feet. To offer a light through some of life’s darkest moments. To remind an at-risk woman that the world can be a place of hope and possibility.

Empowering women to help themselves

At St. Luke, we hire at-risk women into full-time jobs, and teach them the skills to provide for themselves and their families. And together, our team creates a whole line of N.E.W. Life products: medical scrubshospital gowns, mammography gowns, tote bags, hand-beaded glass necklaces and I.D. lanyards.

Our business fuels a faith-based ministry that helps women find their footing. With our three-year Life Change program, we take in women with financial problems, and empower them to find purpose and self-reliance. Full-time jobs help them take care of their families — to become the moms they want to be.

When you buy scrubs from St. Luke N.E.W. Life, you join a movement for better lives.

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St. Luke N.E.W. Life Enterprises, Inc. C/O St. Luke N.E.W. Life Center 
3115 Lawndale Flint, Michigan 48504